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Re: debian-edu-doc - call for translation updates of the bullseye manual

Hi Frans,

«I don't know how much work it would require to have the pictures in the
several languages to which the manual is translated to and apply them
accordingly, but maybe it wouldn't be that much work. And in my view it
would make an improvement with some significance.»

""Debian Edu's infrastructure can handle this and some languages had
translated images for the buster manual. See the sources for Debian Edu Doc
at salsa:

At this moment only German has already translated images for the bullseye
For Portuguese you could for instance run a Debian Edu installation in
Portuguese on a virtual machine and take screenshots to replace the English
images with Portuguese ones in the Portuguese manual.""

            Once I have the translation finished I'll have a look at the images issue for Portuguese.

""I take this opportunity to also reply to the following comment you made on
Source string: Then run these two commands to upgrade the system:
Comment: The commands referred to are supposed to be in the next string
but, they aren't.

This is on purpose. Debian Edu Doc takes advantage of po4a's ability to
filter out untranslatable strings so that they don't appear in the po files
and thus cannot be translated by accident. Even more pieces of
untranslatable text could be filtered out if certain things in the manual
were phrased in a slightly different way.""

         I made the comment just because it was the first time I came across this situation, after having seen many non translatable strings on the platform. Now that I'm aware of matter I'll just remove that comment.
Kind regards,
José Vieira

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