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Re: debian-edu-doc - call for translation updates of the bullseye manual


1. The system is a lot about servers and clients but I couldn't find the concepts described anywhere in the manual. And they can be confusing, so I'd suggest a brief definition or note to be included. It could be just something like:
"Servers and clients are pieces of software that interact with one another. Servers provide information required by clients to function. When a server is installed on one machine and its client on a different machine, the machines themselves are referred to as the server and the client, by extension of the concept."

This looks like a clear description to me and could be a good addition to a future version of the manual. However I am not sure it would be a good thing to introduce this in the bullseye manual at this moment in the release cycle, while this would initiate a new round of translations.

           Thanks Frans, for having added it to the manual. The user of the manual can now understand what's at stake if he hasn't it clear before hand.

2. There are a lot of links in the manual that send the user to webpages. Whereas this is a good way of giving the user access to more information, when it comes to the translated manual it becomes a sort of nonsense, if I can put it this way. When there the intention of proving the manual (and the system, of course) in languages other than English, to keep referring back to material in English doesn't help much the user. I understand there is no time to make significant changes in the manual for the next release, but I think I could be thought of for the following one.

This is a complex matter. Referring people who do not understand English at all to information in English does indeed offer little added value. However, some who prefer to use the version of the Debian Edu manual in their native language do not do this necessarily so because they have no understanding of English at all, but because they experience information in their native language as being more easy to understand. And for this category of users, references to further information in English are not completely meaningless.

             I see your point.

             An other matter I'd like to have also mentioned is the pictures included in the manual (mainly the installation screens). They're all in English. I imagine this matter may have an approach similar to the one above. Nevertheless, there is a difference, which makes this matter more significant IMO -- whereas the info (in English) the links send people to is not in the manual, the pictures are. They're part of the manual and are supposed to be illustrations of a process running in the same language as the manual. Hence, it'd be expected that the pictures be in the language of the manual as well, the language of the user (of both the system and the manual), the language the system is localized to.
I don't know how much work it would require to have the pictures in the several languages to which the manual is translated to and apply them accordingly, but maybe it wouldn't be that much work. And in my view it would make an improvement with some significance.

José Vieira

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