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Time to shut down the @skolelinux.org mailing lists?

Hi.  The system administrator of the lists.skolelinux.org mailman setup
and server approached me today and asked if it is time to shut down
these mailing lists.  The machine running the server is on a old
virtualization system, so either the system is shut down or they have to
spend hours migrating the system, and thus wonder if it is worth the

I talk about the mailing lists shown on
<URL: https://lists.skolelinux.org/listinfo >:

* admin-discuss
  General Discussion and Assistance for Debian-edu/Skolelinux Administrators
* Bruker
  Forum for brukerne av Skolelinux
* linuxiskolen
  Diskusjonsliste for Skolelinux (tidligere Linuxiskolen (LiS))
* Mailman
  * [ingen beskrivelse tilgjengelig]
* omc
  [ingen beskrivelse tilgjengelig]
* Release-team
  Discussion list for the release team
* Www-de
  [ingen beskrivelse tilgjengelig]
* Www-fr
  [ingen beskrivelse tilgjengelig]
* www-int
  Discussions regarding the international Skolelinux website
* www-no
  Discussions regarding the Norwegian Skolelinux website

In addition there is styret@skolelinux.no, which I believe is a hidden
list on the server.  CC to all these lists.

Are there any objections to shutting down these mailing lists?  They
rarely see any use, and is flodded by spam that is removed by the
moderators who spend time on filtering it away.

If you believe one specific list should live, please reply before
2020-07-15 _to that list_, with CC to me and debian-edu@lists.nuug.no,
explaining why.

The web archives will be lost when the system is shut down.  Anyone got
a good idea how to archive the mailing lists in a good way for future

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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