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Re: On coordinating translations of debian-edu-doc: some thoughts

Hi Holger,

Holger Levsen schreef op zo 10-11-2019 om 15:52 [+0000]:
> Hi Frans,
> On Sun, Nov 10, 2019 at 11:36:27AM +0100, Frans Spiesschaert wrote:
> > > thanks for your updates & please resync the weblate branch from
> > > master once
> > > again.
> > 
> > done
> and please do so once again...


> I'm starting to think we should not translate the CopyRight pages,
> this
> mostly just leads to busywork:
> a.) someone translates something
> b.) CopyRight gets updated
> c.) this leads to all translations being outdated and we get to step
> a.)
>     again

Tedious, indeed

> Thankfully Wolfgang does often trivial unfuzzying/fixing of the
> translations, but still, if the CopyRight pages were not translated
> in
> the first place we would save a lot of work here.
> What do you (all) think about this?

I would prefer to have the names and dates part of the CopyRight pages
kept out of the pot and po-files and to have them stored elsewhere.

So we could have stable translatable Copyright information, something
like this:

"This document is released under the GPL2 or any later version. The
following persons have contributed to it:

<names and dates kept out of pot>

If you add content to it, please only do so if you are the author. You
need to release it under the same conditions! Then add your name here
and release it under the "GPL v2 or any later version" licence.

All translations of this document are released under the GPL2 or any
later version. The following persons contributed to its translation

• German: <names and dates kept out of pot>

• Danish: <names and dates kept out of pot>

• Dutch: <names and dates kept out of pot>


I am not familiar enough with the internals of debian-edu-doc, but
otherwise I think I would just have seconded Wolfgangs proposal.

Kind regards,
Frans Spiesschaert

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