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Bug#935080: slapcat used in gosa hook script gosa-modify-host

[Mike Gabriel]
> The slapcat tool is an offline administration tool for LDAP and should
> not be used for day-to-day online tasks.

Care to explain this argument a bit more?  I fail to see why slapcat
should have a different status from any other tools available, for use
in day-to-day tasks as the developer see fit.

Is there some other reason not to use slapcat, in addition to it 'should
not be used for day-to-day online tasks'?

Note, I have no idea why slapcat is used in the script to locate hosts:

# cleanup from leftover host principals and keytab file:
for i in $(basename -a /etc/debian-edu/host-keytabs/* | sed 's#.intern.keytab##') ; do
    if slapcat | grep $i | grep -q dhcp ; then
                kadmin.local delprinc host/$i.intern@INTERN
                kadmin.local delprinc nfs/$i.intern@INTERN
                rm /etc/debian-edu/host-keytabs/$i.intern.keytab

I have no idea why Wolfgang decided to use slapcat instead of ldapsearch
here.  Perhaps to make sure he is operating on the local LDAP database,
or because he did not have the LDAP connection details available in the

Vennlig hilsen
Petter Reinholdtsen

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