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Bug#935080: slapcat used in gosa hook script gosa-modify-host

Package: debian-edu-config
Severity: important
Version: 2.10.67

Hi all,

the gosa-modify-host script utilizes slapcat to check LDAP for removed hosts:

www-data@tjener:~$ /usr/bin/sudo /usr/share/debian-edu-config/tools/gosa-modify-host && echo TRUE
+ slapcat
+ grep dell007.intern.
+ grep -q dhcp
+ kadmin.local delprinc host/dell007.intern..intern@INTERN
delete_principal: Principal does not exist while deleting principal "host/dell007.intern..intern@INTERN"

The slapcat tool is an offline administration tool for LDAP and should not be used for day-to-day online tasks.

The part where it is used is about cleaning up the /etc/debian-edu/host-keytabs/ directory.

The better approach here is going over all files in that folder and doing an ldapsearch query for each host.

Furthermore, this should not be done in gosa-modify-host, but in a separate CRON job that does not inflict on the execution time of the script.

Last but not least, the loop over all slapcat'ed hosts aborts if some error occurs and thus ends in the middle of the run.

This needs some more love, I guess.


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