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(solved) Re: strange network behavior on installation

So I found some hint on nmtui-* programs, but didn't succeed in dealing with them.

I decided to switch the cables and reinstall using enp4s0 as default nic this time. Et voila! Everything works as expected, though enp4s0 is eth0 now, while enp3s0 is eth1.

I assume this is still a bug, isn't it? The nics aught to keep the order they had during d-i I think, e.g. enp3s0 -> eth0 and enp4s0 -> eth1.


Frank Weißer:

I just installed debian-edu-amd64-i386-NETINST-1.iso on a ASUS P5Q-WS MB:

onboard nics deactivated
2 Intel server nics in slots

Installation offers only Intel #1 as [somewhat]3[nic] and #2 as [somewhat]4[nic] and I chose [somewhat]3[nic] for installation.

After Installation #2 has become eth0 (!) and #1 eth1. On former installations I was able to correct similar errors in /etc/udev/rules.d/ but there are no files anymore.

So where to tell my installation that intel #1 got to be eth0 and #2 eth1?

kind regards


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