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Bug#895020: Pre-configure desktop-autoloader appropriately for Debian Edu LTSP fat client


still I would really really prefer not to get cc:ed when mailing
debian-edu bugs. Maybe one day...

On Fri, Apr 06, 2018 at 12:01:51PM +0000, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> > - how much RAM does the feature need to be useful?
> it should only get into action on machines with 2GB+. Good point. Noted for
> the upstream part.

eeks, so this is also an important bug, maybe even serious, but i'm too
lazy to also file this one as...

> > - is there any randomisation or will all classroom computers torture the
> >   server and network at the same time?
> The randomisation currently is only in the WoL part of Debian Edu. Right.
> Noted for upstream, too.

this should also be filed as a bug and fixed before enabling by default.

> > - has this been tested with other desktops than MATE?
> Yes. XFCE. We can do more tests, of course. The more consumptive the desktop
> env the more worth a test case. Noted.

yes, please test at least KDE and Gnome as well. (third bug, untested on

> > As it only gets active before 7:30 AM I assume its safe to turn on the
> > computer at other times? And it's "after midnight but before 7:30 AM
> > localtime" I assume?
> We assume, that noone is around at schools betweek 0:00h 7:30h, indeed. 

Debian Edu is also targeting universities...

> And
> it is, of course, localtime. And: cron.d files are editable.

everything is editable. We *need* sensible default. (This seems to be

> > > This mainly means:
> > >   - only execute on LTSP fat clients
> > ack
> > >   - add some .desktop file symlinks to /etc/desktop-autoloader/autostart
> > why?
> To pre-load heavy-load-regular-used applications (e.g. firefox, libreoffice)

so without those .desktop files it would still to part of its job?

> > Also: how to disable this feature? This *must* be described in the
> > manuel.
> Good point. There will be a patch upstream for that, too.

no, this is not what I ment: it must be described in our Debian Edu manual (
and upstream as well, I agree.)

> Thanks for thinking about this,

well, you are welcome, but I also expect more thoughts before suggesting
enabling some new feature by default...


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