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Re: [debian-edu-commits] debian-edu/ 02/04: tasks/development:

On Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 09:49:49PM +0000, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
>     tasks/development: 
>     Adjust inconsistency concerning eclipse (keep Suggests:, drop Recommends:).
>  Suggests:
>   eclipse,
> -Remark: Eclipse is a really powerful development environment and schould not be
> + eclipse-cdt,
> +Remark: Eclipse is a really powerful development environment and should not be
>   missing in this list, but it might be some overkill for students and thus it
>   is only "Suggested".
>  Recommends:
> - eclipse,
> - eclipse-cdt,

Maybe it should have been better to do it just the opposite way (keep 
Recommends:, drop Suggests:)?
(These Suggests: seem to have been added during the Aug 2017 cleanup.)

But, as education-development (added almost 10 years ago) seems to have 
never been part of a default installtion (missing in desktop-other's 
Recommends: ever since) it might be better to keep eclipse and 
eclipse-cdt recommended…

Does anyone remember why the development task is / was treated 

BTW, installing education-development as it is atm requires nearly 2 GiB 
of additional disk space; so, if added to desktop-other's Recommends the 
partioning would have to be adjusted, too.

Any opinions?


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