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Re: LTSP Client specific boot trouble.


On Thu, Jan 11, 2018 at 04:05:47PM +0100, Helge Tore Høyland wrote:
> On a newly installed Debian-Edu 9 with LXDE as destop, some of my
> newer(faster) diskless clients fail to boot properly.
> This seems to be a sort of race condition. Sometimes it happens early in the
> boot. That is rare though, so i dont have logs for that yet, but i remeber
> something bout "SQUASHFS". Most of the time the client gets a black screen
> when ldm starts up. When that happens, I can alt+ctrl+F2 to get another
> session, log in an look at logs. Syslog allways ends with:
> "block nbd9: NBD_DISCONNECT"
> "block nbd9: shutting down socket"

This is quite normal, nbd9 is used only for a test connection.
The real bock device used as LTSP client image is nbd0. 

> Doing: cat syslog | grep error | less
> I get some failed driver messages for wifi and bluetooth that i think is
> irrelevant. Then i get:
> "blk_update_request: I/O error, dev nbd9, sector 7002672"
> "Buffer I/O error on dev ndb9, logical block 3501336, async page read"


Did you try after rebuilding the NBD image (ltsp-update-image)?
If only _some_ clients are failing with a black screen, a different 
graphics chip set could cause it.

Maybe setting a different color depth (16, 24 or 32) would be of help; 
see the manual how to do it:


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