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Re: Demonstration and teaching tool


> I’m not very comfortable with the fact that a teacher has access to all
> thin clients on both subnets. If chroot is epoptes enabled then he has
> access to diskless workstations as well enabling him to monitor all LTSP
> clients in the system without any user knowing about it.
> Is this not a security issue?

yes, it is, among other things, like being disrespectful, contradicting
everything we should teach students about digitalisation and privacy and
last, but not least, probably being illegal (German law, for example,
requires all parents *and* students themselves signing a contract
allowing you to spy on them, which most schools I know simply ignore).

I figure you really only want the demonstration feature, not the spyware
feature, but as a note for everyone stumbling across this thread because
they want the spyware features:

If managing a classroom without spying on your students is beyond
your capabilities, please go find something to do that fits in with your
capabilities instead of managing classrooms. Thanks.


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