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Re: Demonstration and teaching tool

> On Mon, Nov 06, 2017 at 12:02:39PM +0100, Roman Meier wrote:
>> > Our computer lab is entirely made up of debianEdu thin clients. We
>> > currently have 20 thin clients using older Panasonic Toughbooks.
>> >
>> > I?m looking for a way a teacher can demonstrate something on his thin
>> > client and all students can observe on their thin clients what the
>> teacher
>> > is actually doing in realtime.
>> >
>> > How is this done?
> Packages 'epoptes' on the server, 'epoptes-client' on the client side.
> Alternatively 'italc-master' and 'italc-client'.
> Never tested Epoptes, though. Last time I used iTALC (> 10 years ago)
> it worked but had some issues. Please note that iTALC is discontinued;
> the successor Veyon is a complete rewrite and not yet available in
> Debian.

Hi Wolfgang,

I tried Epoptes. It works rather well and gives the teacher a number of
helpful tools.

However, I wasn?t able to make any of the screen broadcasting tools work.
Does it work at your end?

I?m not very comfortable with the fact that a teacher has access to all
thin clients on both subnets. If chroot is epoptes enabled then he has
access to diskless workstations as well enabling him to monitor all LTSP
clients in the system without any user knowing about it.

Is this not a security issue?

Kind regards,

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