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Offline client installation of DebianEdu using PXE

Hi folks,

I like the idea to give users the option to install DebianEdu locally e.g.
on their laptops having a harddrive. This would enable them to work
independently from LTSP e.g. at home as well. I believe this is supported
via PXE using any of the two menu entries ?Install Edu?(lxde)?, right?

I tried this and I realized that the required files are downloaded from
the internet. Due to limitations to our internet connection I prefer doing
all installations offline using the usb version of DebianEdu. This
includes setting up a complete DebianEdu server incl. chroot.

I believe that all needed files for a local installation, e.g. on a laptop
are included in the usb version of DebianEdu.

Is there a way to make these files available to the PXE installation
process to enable users to do an installation without depending on an
internet connection?

Kind regards,

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