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Re: Running java applet in a browser


> I had a little hope due to a chapter in the DebianEdu Stretch manual. I’m
> stating:
> 20.2.2. Running Java applications in the web browser
> Running Java applets in the browser are supported out of the box by the
> OpenJDK Java runtime.
> Anyway, thanks for making things clearer to me!

The manual should be fixed.

Well, the OpenJDK JRE does support it. But no recent browser has NPAPI
support, so it doesn't even get as far as involving OpenJDK.

Firefox ESR in stretch, in theory, can still use these plugins - but
Chromium can't, and Firefox ESR will also srop support in 2018.

So even if there is a technical way to get it working now, you should
prefer telling teh applet developers that they are living 10 years in
the past and should really get their code ported to HTML 5 ;)!


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