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Re: Running java applet in a browser

Hi Dominic,

I had a little hope due to a chapter in the DebianEdu Stretch manual. I?m

20.2.2. Running Java applications in the web browser

Running Java applets in the browser are supported out of the box by the
OpenJDK Java runtime.

Anyway, thanks for making things clearer to me!

Kind regards,

> Hi,
>> We have a few applets from trusted source that I would like to put
>> directly on the DebianEdu server and make them accessible through any of
>> the browsers installed by default, Firefox, Chromium or Konqueror.
> Long story short: You can't.
> It's not about trusted sources, it's about the plugin API not being
> supported anymore.
> There is no such thing as Java applets anymore.
> -nik
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