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Rewview of thonny package (Re: Thonny, an educational Python IDE needs a sponsor)

Hi Aivar,

I have looked at your package and have the following remarks:

 * The package looks quite good, all in all!
 * Why do you list some Python dependencies explicitly on the binary package?
 * The long description is quite short.
 * You can drop the X-Python3-Version as nothing older than 3.4 is in
   any current Debian release.
 * You can drop the Section: on the binary package as it is the same as the source package.
 * d/rules: export http_proxy=
   Why? Internet access is disabled on buildds and all sane build environments anyway.
 * The man page could be a bit more cool ;).
 * .desktop: Icon=/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/thonny/res/thonny.png
   Please install the icon to the system icon path.
 * d/copyright: Looks basically good, but…
   …what is the licenses/ directory in the upstream source? What are they for? And
   did you write these license texts and put them under the Expat license, as claimed in
   d/copyright ;)? (Yes, license texts are copyrightable works…)

Other team members: Feel free to review my review ☺.


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