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Re: Thonny, an educational Python IDE needs a sponsor

Hi Aivar,

>> Why not put it under team maintenance, then? I'd be willing to mentor
>> you on that. 
>Great! Which team exactly? How should I proceed?

Well, probably the Debian Edu team, as we are talking about the Debian Edu team ;)?

Assuming you have your packaging work in a Git repository, start by joining the team on Alioth, then push your repo to the team space.

We can then start from there.

>> Also, the current package cannot be uploaded due to the thing with
>the big red alerting box next to it on mentors ;).
>I saw the red box, but I didn't understand it. What should I change?
>word UNRELEASED in the changelog? What should I use instead?

unstable - but only when the package is ready, which it probably isn't. Just remove the package from mentors for now and publish the packaging repository instead.

>(I think I have a fix for the warning about non-working watch file -- 
>looks like pypi.debian.net is not working, so I need to use

I can confirm the redirector works like a charm, so it's probably something else ;).

>When I change anything, then I should also increase the release number,
>right? Or it doesn't matter as the package is not uploaded yet?

Leave the revision as it is. The first uploaded package will get -1.

You can find me on IRC #debian-edu as Natureshadow, or as nik@mercurius.teckids.org on Jabber.


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