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Re: Impressive GOsa start and log in waiting times

> [Roman Meier]
>> I found out that our router is on ip instead. Is it
>> therefore
>> possible to switch the gateway setting from to
> See <URL:
> https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Stretch/HowTo/NetworkClients#Changing_network_settings
> >
> if you want to change the subnet used.
> You could change the default gateway for dhcp in ldap, but it will not
> work without also changing the subnet setup.
> I suspect it is better to change your router IP, as the use if
> make me suspect it is a /24 network with only room for 253
> machines on the network.

Hi Petter,

We have other servers and services in our network. Things work rather well
and are stable currently.

Being able to server 253 machines is likely enough for us now and in the
near future, I guess.

We are still in the process of testing and finalizing our computer lab
based on DebianEdu. It is still unclear if we can make this work.
Therefore, to change our network setup at this time is simply no option.

I?m rather looking for a smooth transition without affecting the existing
setup. Anyway, fact is that our admin refuses to change things
fundamentally at this time and this makes sense to me, somehow?

Kind regards

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