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Re: Challenges with the installation of DebianEdu Stretch

Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks for your explanations!

I must admit that I?m facing quite a number of challenges with DebianEdu
Stretch. Things were significantly easier with DebianEdu Jessie. Can you
confirm this?

Wouldn?t it be an option to start the process with my older beta version
of DebianEdu Jessie instead? The big advantage is that I get a working
system including LTSP without needing an internet connection.

Couldn?t I take it from there and update/upgrade to a higher version?

Kind regards,

> Hi Roman,
> please always reply to the list.
> On Mon, Oct 02, 2017 at 10:41:00AM +0200, roman.meier@gismap.ch wrote:
>> > On Sun, Oct 01, 2017 at 10:07:50PM +0200, roman.meier@gismap.ch wrote:
>> >> Error: LTSP client installation ended abnormally
>> >> ERROR: ltsp-build-client failed to run
> [..]
> According to the error message I assumed you installed without
> internet connection.
>> Things are a bit confusing to me.
>> Why doesn't the installation process know about replaced packages and
>> download them if necessary?
> At this time (without internet connection) only the packages on the
> installation media are known to apt. For some (yet unkown) reason these
> packages (which actually are contained on the USB ISO image) are about
> to be downloaded from outside. It's only about 300 MiB (well, back then
> when the image was up-to-date) just after the base system has been
> installed in the LTSP chroot. Later in the installation process the USB
> image is used again.
> Wolfgang

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