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Re: Bug#876376: debian-edu: autofs daemon on combined server breaks homes and NFS

On Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 04:36:58PM +0200, Dominik George wrote:
> > AFAICT, this is already cared for by cfengine 
> > (configured in d-e-c/cf/cf.homes), no need to change anything.
> Hmm, not quite… as autofs being started by the postinst on upgrade
> effectively breaks cfengine (by preventing it from accessing the user
> homes in /skole/tjener), so it does not get a chance to take care of it
> ;).

As this is only upgrade related, 'systemctl disable autofs' could be 
added to the upgrade instructions in the manual (before the cfengine 
call) to be on the safe side.


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