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new d-e-doc binary packages (was Re: [debian-edu-commits] debian-edu/ 03/03: Add changelog entries for last commits.)

On Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 10:20:52PM +0000, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
> schweer-guest pushed a commit to branch master
> in repository debian-edu-doc.
> +  * Add new binary packages debian-edu-doc-pl, debian-edu-doc-sv and
> +    debian-edu-doc-zh as well as related postinst and postrm files.

I think the debian-edu-doc-zh package is justified, but the Polish translation
of the Stretch manual has only 224 translated strings (and 1161 untranslated ones),
while there is not even a Swedish translation for the Stretch manual, just
28 translated strings (and 118 missing) for the Audacity manual.

So I will drop those packages again now (before uploading to sid, probably

I do intend to keep these translations in git, however. (And hope they'll
progress enough so that we can re-add those packages eventually.)


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