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Bug#870795: Make TJENER installation more flexible

Hi Wolfgang,

thanks for your mail on this! Highly appreciated. Same about your work you do for Debian Edu!!!

On  Sa 05 Aug 2017 14:11:02 CEST, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:

On Sat, Aug 05, 2017 at 05:30:32AM +0000, Mike Gabriel wrote:
Package: debian-edu-install
Severity: wishlist

The observation when setting up a TJENER (main server profile) is that

  (a) netinst tries to configure/find its uplink via DHCP
  (b) our network gateway ( must not run a DHCP server
      during normal operation

So when installing a TJENER from netinst, the hack is:

  (a) set up a gateway, with on the "internal" side
  (b) enable a DHCP server o
  (c) install TJENER from netinst, IP config is obtained from DHCP
  (d) reboot TJENER when installation succeeded
  (e) disable DHCP server on (gateway)
  (f) after reboot of TJENER, it takes over being the DHCP server


Comments? Feedback?

Here's how I'm doing testing (netinst ISO image):

Case 1: A dedicated Debian Edu gateway is already available on the
network (so DHCP isn't available).

As soon as DHCP configuration fails, use manual network configuration if
installing a system with the 'Main-Server' profile. Set IP:,
netmask:, gateway:, name server:

So, we could actually do this automatically, after main-server has bee selected, right? That's the thought in mind regarding this bug report.

We techies can configure network setups all fine, but the idea behind Debian Edu D-I is to minimize the manual interactions.

Only issue is that we move the order around a bit.

So, one approach could be to move the profile selection dialog to a place before the network setup. Well... if consesus is reached, I could put that on my $LIST.

Case 2: Some NATed network (with DHCP) is available.

(1) Set up the Debian Edu gateway using the 'Minimal' profile like
    outlined in the manual; see

Holger already suggested yesterday, to add a gateway profile to the Debian Edu profile list. Not seeing the docs, and how simple it is to manipulate the minimal profile, I'd say: let's go for that.

(2) Set up the main server on the network connected to the gateway's
    eth1 interface just like in case 1.

So, what do we think about this:

 * add gateway installation profile
 * move the profile selection dialog before the network setup




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