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Bug#870795: Make TJENER installation more flexible

On Sat, Aug 05, 2017 at 05:30:32AM +0000, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> Package: debian-edu-install
> Severity: wishlist
> The observation when setting up a TJENER (main server profile) is that
>   (a) netinst tries to configure/find its uplink via DHCP
>   (b) our network gateway ( must not run a DHCP server
>       during normal operation
> So when installing a TJENER from netinst, the hack is:
>   (a) set up a gateway, with on the "internal" side
>   (b) enable a DHCP server o
>   (c) install TJENER from netinst, IP config is obtained from DHCP
>   (d) reboot TJENER when installation succeeded
>   (e) disable DHCP server on (gateway)
>   (f) after reboot of TJENER, it takes over being the DHCP server

> Comments? Feedback?

Here's how I'm doing testing (netinst ISO image):

Case 1: A dedicated Debian Edu gateway is already available on the 
network (so DHCP isn't available).

As soon as DHCP configuration fails, use manual network configuration if 
installing a system with the 'Main-Server' profile. Set IP:, 
netmask:, gateway:, name server:

Case 2: Some NATed network (with DHCP) is available.

(1) Set up the Debian Edu gateway using the 'Minimal' profile like 
    outlined in the manual; see

(2) Set up the main server on the network connected to the gateway's
    eth1 interface just like in case 1.


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