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Re: Skolelinux / Debian-EDU: Images - too big!

Am Freitag, 14. Juli 2017, 12:42:58 CEST schrieb Wolfgang Schweer:
> Hi Hans.
Hi Wolfgang, 

thank you very much for your response. 
> It is proposed to use USB sticks instead of DVDs, 8GB sticks would be
> sufficient.

Yes, this is ok, but many desktop computers are not capable of booting from an 
usb-stick. However, there should be the possibilty added to boot from a cdrom 
and then somehow use the usb-stick. Or is this already possible?
> Besides the additional amount of work it won't be useful: Debian Edu
> still defaults to use 32-bit for the LTSP chroot (to be able to support
> as much old hardware as possible). So in most cases 64-bit packages are
> required for the server side and 32-bit ones for LTSP.
So the 32-bit stuff is always needed for the LTSP? I see. And of course, I 
understand it is much work to split 32-bit and 64-bit. My idea was, if you 
just need to enter one single variable in a script, to get 2 seperated isos, 
then you shopuld have done it. But a it is more work than this, let it as it 

> I'm unable to reproduce it for a default combi server installation
> (profiles 'Main-Server, Workstation, LTSP-Server, KDE). Could you tell
> us more about your installation?

Well I am using a small system for my testing purposes. Just a 64-bit system 
with 1 GB RAM, 2,6GHz CPU, 64-bit, 2 network cards and a 120GB sata drive. It 
is not a productive system, just for myself to lear about the installation 
process. 120GB should be enough, and debian-edu 8 was working well.

I tried text installation and graphical installation, just as customers would 
do. But I came in trouble, as I wrote. Strangewise I have the feeling, that 
graphics- and textinstallation differ. Partitioning looks different, somehow, 
but could not prove it yet.

As I have a very slow bandwith at the moment (50kB/sec) , it is PITA to 
install via CDROM, and usb-stick is not bootable. Thus I have to download all 
the stuff from the internet, and there I went in trouble with the space on 
/var, I wrote about.

> Yes. Although there was still space left on /var during my recent test,
> some more space would be good to be on the safe side.

Not much more needed, on my tests there were just 3-5 MB missing, but you 
should spend more, as packages may grow from time to time.

How about jigdo? I like jigdo for creating installation DVDs, as they were 
also easy updatable. And jigdo is already configured for debian DVDs, just an 
> Thank you very much for your report, Hans.
Youre welcome! It might last some time, as I am not always have time to test 
> Wolfgang
Best regards


P.S. you can answer me in German or English. I am German.

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