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Re: Skolelinux / Debian-EDU: Images - too big!

Hi Hans,

Your questions can best be answered by the Debian-Edu team. Forwarding
your mail to them...

On Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 02:47:52PM +0200, Hans wrote:
>Dear installer team, 
>your installer (Debian-Edu  9) is working great and I could not discover any 
>bugs yet. 
>But I have a wish: Could it be possible, to create two images, one for i386 
>and one for amd64? The actual one is too big to fit on a standard DVD 
>(multilayer DVD of course will work), but as most people are using normal 
>4,7GB DVD's, it would be nice, if the big 5,4 GB-ISO would be splittet in two 
>parts (i386 and amd64). So people must not download such a big image, and it 
>will fit on a 4,7GB DVD. 
>Also not all people (like me) own a fast internet connection.
>What do you think, is this too much work or would that just easy to do?
>Please answer me directly, I am not subscribed to the list.
>Thank you very much for reading this.
>Best regards
>P.S. Oh, there was a little issue, I could still not verify: An automatic 
>installation to a 120GB harddrive, with the 650MB CD-Rom Image showed, the 
>partition /var is too small (just about 3 MB too small) to fit all the 
>downloaded packages in. So installation crashed.
>I used "automatical partitioning". Maybe you might want to recheck this.
>The former Debian-Edu 8 worked well with this installation kind.
>However due to my limited bandwith I tried not again, but I will do during the 
>next 2 weeks. You will be informed!
Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
"This dress doesn't reverse." -- Alden Spiess

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