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Re: Bug#858643: desktop-base: File not found in the post-inst script

Hi Aurélien,

thanks for digging into this issue in depth.
On Sat, Jul 01, 2017 at 11:53:43PM +0200, Aurélien COUDERC wrote:
> I initially thought we could "just" patch debian-edu-artwork to ship an
> SVG versions of the edu-spacefun wallpaper, but there’s no such thing in
> the source repository even going back in time to squeeze. There are SVGs
> for edu-spacefun but they look like imports from bitmap with vain
> attempts to make them vector…

Yeah; it was a crude workaround to get a suited login background.

> By itself it’s a problem since it means these wallpapers are essentially
> sourceless and we cannot easily adapt them should the need arise (higher
> resolution, etc).

Right; it happened with this (almost historical) theme, but hopefully 
won't happen again.
> What I can think of is for each theme pack to provide a
> "default-wallpaper" symlink to their wallpaper file of choice and the
> desktop-background alternative will target link for the active theme, so
> it works whatever wallpaper/resolution/format the theme wants as default.

Sounds reasonable.

> For buster I’ll create the links for the themes included in desktop-base
> and the *all* debian-edu-artwork-* themes should do the same.
> That would be for example with softwaves:
>   softwaves-theme/wallpaper/contents/images$ ls -l
>   1920x1080.svg
>   default-wallpaper -> 1920x1080.svg
>   …
> and second example with debian-edu-spacefun:
>   debian-edu-spacefun-theme/wallpaper/contents/images$ ls -l
>   1920x1080.png
>   default-wallpaper -> 1920x1080.png
>   …
> Would that be OK with you ?
I guess, yes.


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