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Re: Re: [LTSP] The home pages are not available at the address http://www/~username/


Here are the answers to your qustions:

* Did you modify other apache2 settings?

I didn't modify myself any apache2 settings. But I'v updated tjener several times (when apt asks me to keep a configuration 
file or install the new one ,I always choose to keep the old one (except for Gosa.conf) )
* Do you have a /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/debian-edu-userdir.conf
   on tjener which should be a symlink to
No: # ls /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/
access_compat.load authn_core.load autoindex.conf dir.conf mime.conf negotiation.load setenvif.load status.load
alias.conf authn_file.load autoindex.load dir.load mime.load php5.conf socache_shmcb.load userdir.conf
alias.load authz_core.load cgi.load env.load mpm_prefork.conf php5.load ssl.conf userdir.load
auth_basic.load authz_host.load deflate.conf filter.load mpm_prefork.load rewrite.load ssl.load
auth_kerb.load authz_user.load deflate.load headers.load negotiation.conf setenvif.conf status.conf

* Do you have a /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/debian-edu-userdir.load on tjener which should be a symlink to /etc/apache2/mods-available/debian-edu-userdir.load?
No: see the the previous answer

* Which version of apache2 are you using?

The 2.4 :
$ dpkg -l |grep apache2
ii apache2 2.4.10-10+deb8u7 amd64 Apache HTTP Server
ii apache2-bin 2.4.10-10+deb8u7 amd64 Apache HTTP Server (modules and other binary files)
ii apache2-data 2.4.10-10+deb8u7 all Apache HTTP Server (common files)
ii apache2-utils 2.4.10-10+deb8u7 amd64 Apache HTTP Server (utility programs for web servers)
ii libapache2-mod-auth-kerb 5.4-2.2 amd64 apache2 module for Kerberos authentication
ii libapache2-mod-php5 5.6.27+dfsg-0+deb8u1 amd64 server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language

 * If you are using configuration settings which are copied from apache 2.2 examples, you should read http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/upgrading.html. The apache2 developers made significant changes in authorization configuration between versions 2.2 and 2.4.

I didn't touch any file of configuration since the installation, and when I check them, they use
So I think I'm not concerned by configurations settings copied from apache 2.2

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