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Re: [LTSP] The home pages are not available at the address http://www/~username/

Hi Yannick,

yannick rousseau schreef op do 12-01-2017 om 13:10 [-0400]:
> Hello
> I'm using debian-edu (Jessie). The clients are connected on tjener via
> LTSP (diskless).
> Eveything is ok except one thing: the home pages of users are not
> available at the address http://www/~username/:
> For example, with the user name tt, the answer is: You don't have
> permission to access /~tt/ on this server. 

The address http://servername/~username/ should do it.
If you did not change the server name you can use
http://tjener.intern/~tt or

> Thanks for help.


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