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Bug#848347: don't mess with gosa.conf on package upgrades

[Mike Gabriel]
> The observation:
>   - normally conf upgrades are fine, but gosa.conf is an exception...

There is nothing special about gosa.conf.  Any conffile that is edited
automatically experience this problem, and it commonly come up in

> Proposal:
>   - My suggestion is to rename gosa.conf to gosa.conf.in
>   - Use gosa.conf.in during TJENER setup / installation and copy the result
>     to a file named gosa.conf
>   - on d-e-c pkg upgrades, the gosa.conf.in template file gets updated.
>   - changes to gosa.conf.in need to be worked into gosa.conf manually
>   then

Another option is to use ucf.  It avoid the need to manually apply
changes.  The "gosa.conf.in" file should probably anyway reside in
/usr/share/ and be named gosa-template.conf or something like that.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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