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Bug#848347: don't mess with gosa.conf on package upgrades

Package: debian-edu-config
Version: 1.912

The observation:

 - Do an apt-get upgrade on TJENER
- If debian-edu-config gets upgraded, the admin gets asked to upgrade gosa.conf (which is shipped
   in debian-edu-config).
 - normally conf upgrades are fine, but gosa.conf is an exception...
 - if gosa.conf gets updated, then TJENER will be rendered unusable...


 - My suggestion is to rename gosa.conf to gosa.conf.in
 - Use gosa.conf.in during TJENER setup / installation and copy the result
   to a file named gosa.conf
 - on d-e-c pkg upgrades, the gosa.conf.in template file gets updated.
 - changes to gosa.conf.in need to be worked into gosa.conf manually then


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