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Bug#588510: retitle 588510 rename thin-client-server profile to ltsp-server-profile

control: retitle -1 rename thin-client-server profile to ltsp-server-profile


so I thought about this some more and came to this conclusion because…

ltsp-server-profile is correct and and for those who don't know it,
it's as cryptic as terminal-server-profile. if one doesnt know "ltsp"
nor "terminal", both are meaningless and need to be explained. (easy
with ltsp: we use the ltsp-server project…) - OTOH if one knows the term
"terminal" it's not obvious that "LTSP"-terminals are ment. and if one
knows "LTSP", the name is also obvious.

It's also true that the ltsp-server-profile provides more services than
just "LTSP", but today, the LTSP functionality of these servers is the
main one, so I think the name "ltsp-server-profile" is indeed good.

And should we, after basically using LTSP forever, switch away from LTSP
as the main technology for this, I think it will also be sensible to
rename the profile again, to make this change very clear. But I don't
suppose this will happen any time soon :)


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