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Re: [CCC-FSFTN] Fwd: Suggestion on choosing Distro

Hi Venkatesh,

Quoting Venkatesh Thennarasan (2016-07-02 05:28:59)
> I apologies for my late replies .Sorry , I was occupied with my 
> university exams

No problem at all :-)

> We have chosen the BalaSwecha OS for the CCC after discussions .Thanks 
> For all your suggestions and help

Thanks for sharing the decision.  Please do consider elaborating on 
which factors was prioritized and why, leading to that choice of yours.  
Also, I suggest to share such details not directly here on mail, but on 
a web page (e.g. a blog entry) and reference that page in an email -> I 
imagine that approach may get you more exposure.

I wish you the best of joy and appreciation for your choice of OS.

 - Jonas

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