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Bug#825004: blends-dev: undesired new Task $blend-all package

Package: blends-dev
Version: 0.6.93
Severity: important


since 0.6.93 blends-dev creates a new $blend-all package which is *not*
useful for all blends, so there should be a way to disable that.

In the case of debian-edu it creates an education-all package which
depends on packages which conflict which each other (eg standalone and
main-server, but there are more).

For the Debian Edu usecase such a $blends-all package must not be created.

Please make this behaviour optional and opt-in. As it stands this is a
major regression on the usability of the package.


this is how debian/control looks after running "make dist" on the
debian-edu source package in sid now:

+Package: edu-all
+Section: metapackages
+Architecture: all
+Recommends: education-astronomy,
+ education-chemistry,
+ education-common,
+ education-desktop-gnome,
+ education-desktop-kde,
+ education-desktop-lxde,
+ education-desktop-mate,
+ education-desktop-other,
+ education-desktop-xfce,
+ education-development,
+ education-electronics,
+ education-geography,
+ education-graphics,
+ education-language,
+ education-laptop,
+ education-logic-games,
+ education-main-server,
+ education-mathematics,
+ education-misc,
+ education-music,
+ education-networked,
+ education-physics,
+ education-services,
+ education-standalone,
+ education-thin-client,
+ education-thin-client-server,
+ education-workstation
+Description: Default selection of tasks for Debian Edu
+ This package is part of the Debian Edu Pure Blend and installs all
+ tasks for a default installation of this blend.


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