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Re: is anybody from debian-edu/skolelinux going to come for Debconf 2016 ?

Hi shirish, hi all,

On  Mi 04 Mai 2016 23:12:33 CEST, shirish शिरीष wrote:

Hi all,

Sorry for being out of blue, but is anyone from the team expected to
show up Debconf 2016. I have applied and in case my bursary is
granted, would like to meet any member/s of the team  who would be
coming. I am guessing that at the very least Holger Levsen would be

I would be interested in exploring if there have been any initiatives
to use SBC's such as RPi2 (Raspberry Pi Model 2/B) which was launched
last year . I know that Debian-edu prefers LTSP, which is still a far
cry in India. As have shared before, people would go for N Computing
then an untested vendor and LTSP deployment and that over Debian is
negligible. I remember reading Redhat doing LTSP deployments few years
ago but didn't hear much about it afterwards.

Look forward to know and learn

Unfortunately, I just had to de-register from DebConf16. I have a family event on July 2nd that I do not to and cannot miss. Realizing this overlapping of events made me really sad and I plan the more to be at DebConf17.

Normally, Holger is at DebConf's every year, but he normally is very busy their due to his involvement in the video team work.


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