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dhcp broken on 192.168.0 side

Hi all

we've noticed a problem, since we started to seriously try to use diskless workstation mode (we used thin client mode earlier due to network performance problems).

DHCP seems to be broken somehow on the ltsp side.

The DLW (diskless workstation) has as nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf, but the network 10/8 isn't known in the routing table. /sbin/route -n reports only 192.168.0/24, which is the network on the ethernet interface of course.

As a result, homedir isn't mounted, the proxy can't be reached and of course no browsing whatsoever is possible.

I'd expect dhcp to provide a default gateway and the nameserver at the 192.168.0 address of the tjener. As dhcp is configured via ldap, and I'm no ldap guru :-(, I don't know how to fix this. Can someone give me a hint or solution?

The reason we need diskless workstations (the terminals are actually core2duo's with 4G, so very fat clients), is that the children often watch a show (hetklokhuis.nl->afleveringen) and they need more graphics performance (and flash!). Getting flash on the diskless workstation is another matter, but I can only start working on that when the browser can get to the site...



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