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Re: changing the kdm theme?

On 08/28/15 15:05, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
[Simon Oosthoek]
When/how is the actual theme changed?
Check the postinst script of the debian-edu-artwork package to see how
it is done.

I'll look into that, it's not highest on the priority list ;-)

I wanted to affect the terminals in such a way that each screen has a
different background, so each terminal has a unique (and randomly
changing) look. I wonder how I can make this work? My plan was to
regularly update the background image, so each time a student logs
out, a new picture is shown on the login screen, will that work?
No idea. :)

I the easiest way would be to use the alternatives system to replace the
background image pointed to by the theme, and rotate the selected image.

Why would you want to change the background like that?  Personally, I
have so may applications running on my screen that I can't see the

I want to change the bg of the login screen, not the individual desktops.

The background is the most prominent feature of the login screen, but perhaps not of the desktops when in use ;-)


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