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tremendously slow GOsa² UI logins

Hi all,

we are facing an important issues on two Debian Edu jessie installations. The first is a clean install of Debian Edu jessie (main server), the second is an upgrade from Debian Edu squeeze. Both show a very annoying sympton:

Login into GOsa² (as GOsa² admin) takes very long (2-3 minutes). This happens 60-70% of the login attempts.

Sometime, though, we can log into GOsa² with no delay glitches. The delay can occur when using correct credentials or wrong credentials (e.g. when having a typo in the password).

I have looked at log files (Apache2, syslog), looked at server load and such, but am unsure how to debug this any further. Have people seen such behavious in GOsa² 2.7 as found in Debian Edu jessie?



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