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Re: squid and cfengine

On 15/08/15 21:46, Simon Oosthoek wrote:

I think I've messed up the squid configuration in the process of moving
the tjener from a physical to a virtual machine. (I didn't bother to
copy the /var/spool/squid bits, assuming it would be created again...)
Anyway, after purging and re-installing squid, the configuration is

I checked and cfengine contains a configuration to setup squid, but I
see no cfservd or cfexecd running, how/when is the cfengine
configuration applied and can I do it now, manually? What command to use?

I see that the inputs referred to by cfagent are in
/etc/cfengine/inputs, but that only contains cfagent.conf. The squid
config is in /etc/cfengine/debian-edu/cf.squid, is that normal? should I
copy it to /etc/cfengine/inputs to activate it?

meanwhile, I'll go check if the old config is still there on the
physical server...

The old config fixed the squid problem, but I'm still interested in learning more about the cfengine configuration of debian-edu... I'm having trouble finding it in the administration guide, any other pointers?



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