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squid and cfengine


I think I've messed up the squid configuration in the process of moving the tjener from a physical to a virtual machine. (I didn't bother to copy the /var/spool/squid bits, assuming it would be created again...) Anyway, after purging and re-installing squid, the configuration is broken...

I checked and cfengine contains a configuration to setup squid, but I see no cfservd or cfexecd running, how/when is the cfengine configuration applied and can I do it now, manually? What command to use?

I see that the inputs referred to by cfagent are in /etc/cfengine/inputs, but that only contains cfagent.conf. The squid config is in /etc/cfengine/debian-edu/cf.squid, is that normal? should I copy it to /etc/cfengine/inputs to activate it?

meanwhile, I'll go check if the old config is still there on the physical server...



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