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Re: Using FusionDirectory in place of GOsa²

Hi Petter, hi Benoit,
(Cc:ing Cajus from GONICUS)

On  Mo 03 Aug 2015 18:37:08 CEST, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

[Benoit Mortier]
Thats why i offering our help in helping you migrate from GOsa² to
FusionDirectory if you want

Thank you for this kind offer.

What kind of process is required?  Are the LDAP schemas and structures
compatible?  Are the same kind of hooks available for Kerberos and Samba
integration?  In other words, can one easily migrate back and forth
without much work, or is it a one way process with the risks involved
for the schools?

I am running a FusionDirectory site at work and use GOsa² for Debian Edu. I maintain both projects in Debian.

I absolutely disrecommend over to FusionDirectory in Debian Edu, for several reasons:

  o no extra gain for Debian Edu at the moment
  o changing the installation routine of the Debian Edu mainserver
    will be a lot of work
  o TJENER upgrades will becoma a PITA (at work I switched from GOsa 2.6 to
    FusionDirectory and that caused me a lot of trouble because of
    introduced changes in FusionDirectory)
  o whereas the upgrade of GOsa² 2.6 to 2.7 at a Debian Edu customer's site
    went through smoothly... (though there are some yet-undiscovered bugs
    in GOsa² 2.7).

While we here in Kiel have been working on two Debian Edu jessie deployments, recently, I actually have started thinking of reviving GOsa² upstream and offer some help over there at GONICUS.



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