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Re: nscd hits again

On  Mi 08 Jul 2015 11:33:20 CEST, Giorgio Pioda wrote:

On Wed, Jul 08, 2015 at 10:23:18AM +0200, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
On Wed, Jul 08, 2015 at 09:48:37AM +0200, Giorgio Pioda wrote:
> after 48 of uptime, this morning, nscd stopped
> working preventing WS login. This time
> there is no boot question, since we didn't reboot (our Jessie
> is already in production). Restarting all the services
> as previouly reported, fixed.
> P:S the servicestatus output reported that nscd was correctly
> working (but it wasn't). Manual nscd -i netgroups hanged.

It might help to disable nscd netgroup caching on tjener. (For wheezy,
netgroup caching wasn't even available by default, for jessie it has
been added and is enabled by default - compare nscd.conf for wheezy and

Please consider to test it.


Seems reasonable to try to disable the caching on tjener
and see if nscd crashes again. I'll test it immediately.

A crash wouldn't be to bad, but the socket file /run/nscd/socket should vanish then, as well...

If the socket file is non-present, then everything should work fine. If the socket file remains after crash, then the whole system will probably be broken.

However, the primary goal should be to get nscd fixed, so that it does not crash at all.

For Debian Edu stretch, we could consider if it makes sense to share workload between nscd and nslcd:

  o LDAP info (passwd, shadow, group, netgroup) -> have it cached via nslcd
o DNS info (hosts, ???) -> have it cached via nscd (via tweaking /etc/nscd.conf)



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