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Re: Bug#791995: debian-edu: task desktop-other should contain libdns-mdns as a Depends to fix printer setup on clients

On Fri, Jul 10, 2015 at 10:54:40PM +0200, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
> Looking into it, I found:
> With LDM running, 'lpstat -t' reports that the scheduler isn't running 
> and printers are unavailable.

> As soon as a user logs in, the printers configured on tjener show up 
> (using 'lpstat -t'), identified by IPs, not hostnames.
> There's a new file /etc/cups/client.conf containing one line: 
> ServerName server
> 'server' is the LTSP default name of the actual LTSP server in use
> (tjener in this case), /etc/hosts contains one line: 
> server
> If the user logs out, the scheduler stops running and 
> /etc/cups/client.conf is gone, no printers available.
> So more investigation is needed. About to set up a new combined server 
> to get rid of all intermediate changes. That will take time...
Sad to tell that it is different on a stock combi server: automatic 
setup isn't available.

But adding /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/cups/client.conf containing one line:

ServerName tjener

is enough to fix it. I don't know why it differs from a manually 
installed LTSP chroot and I don't have the time to figure it out.

About to install a clean jessie workstation. Might be that adding 
/etc/cups/client.conf will be sufficient there as well.


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