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Re: Bug#791995: debian-edu: task desktop-other should contain libdns-mdns as a Depends to fix printer setup on clients

On Thu, Jul 09, 2015 at 11:35:26PM +0200, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
> Source: debian-edu
> Version: 1.812
> Severity: important
> Automagically setup of printers configured on tjener fails on clients.
> The default browse protocol for remote printers ('dnssd' as opposed to 
> the old one 'cups') seems to require libnss-mdns to be installed. On 
> stock jessie workstations, this packages gets installed as a Recommends 
> of task-desktop. For debian-edu it should be added as a Depends to the 
> task file desktop-other.
I was pretty sure that printing was once working for diskless clients 
(at the time we kicked cups out of the chroot). 

To be able to test printing on LTSP diskless workstations in a clean 
chroot, I deleted the old LTSP chroot and created a new one using 
'debian-edu-ltsp --arch i386'.

Printing worked right away. No modification needed for 
/etc/cups/cups-browsed.conf, no installation of libnss-mnds required.

Looking into it, I found:
With LDM running, 'lpstat -t' reports that the scheduler isn't running 
and printers are unavailable.

As soon as a user logs in, the printers configured on tjener show up 
(using 'lpstat -t'), identified by IPs, not hostnames.

There's a new file /etc/cups/client.conf containing one line: 
ServerName server

'server' is the LTSP default name of the actual LTSP server in use
(tjener in this case), /etc/hosts contains one line: server

If the user logs out, the scheduler stops running and 
/etc/cups/client.conf is gone, no printers available.

So more investigation is needed. About to set up a new combined server 
to get rid of all intermediate changes. That will take time...


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