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Re: Cannot enter home directory. Using /.

Hi Wolfgang,

On Sonntag, 5. Juli 2015, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 04, 2015 at 09:01:00AM +0000, Tom Duguid wrote:
> > I have a SckoleLinux server installed with the main server and
> > workstation options selected for install.
> > I have 10 workstations with SkoleLinux installed.
> > I made a mistake when installing some of the workstations using
> > sitesummary2ldap so I removed them using GOSA2.
> > I used 'sitesummary2ldap -a -i ether-xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx -t workstations'
> > to put the workstations back on the server.
> > The workstations that I had NOT added and removed previous to this
> > worked.
> > The workstations that I had added by mistake and removed previous to
> > this came up with the following error whenever any user attempts to log
> > in: 'Cannot enter home directory. Using /.'
> > 
> > I can recreate this on a Virtual Machine setup by adding a workstation
> > client to the VM server (it works at this point) and then removing it
> > through GOSA2 and adding it again through sitesummary2ldap. When I try
> > to log into the VM workstation I get the 'Cannot enter home directory.
> > Using /.' error again.
> Confirmed for a combined server (jessie) and clients in a VirtualBox
> test environment.
> I was able log in after disabling the nscd netgroup cache using these
> steps (on tjener):
> service nscd stop
> rm /var/cache/nscd/netgroup
> sed -i '/netgroup/ s/yes/no/' /etc/nscd.conf
> service nscd start
> service nslcd restart
> service nfs-kernel-server restart
> Please consider to test the workaround.

can you please put this into a nice bug report? we'll need this to get the fix 
into jessie... thanks already! ;-)


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