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Re: nfs4 server doesn't allow ws client mount

On Fri, Jul 03, 2015 at 04:01:27PM +0200, Giorgio Pioda wrote:
> 3) Fresh WS client install via PXE/Jessie. Added with sitesummary into
>    GOsa.
> 4) Cannot login on WS, but can on tjener with all users. Also a brand
>    new jessie created user is not able to login into WS, complaining
>    that the home partition is not mounted (workstation-hosts....) but
>    the machine IS in the group

This might be caused by the 15 minute delay for changed hostnames to be 
updated on the client side. As opposed to the procedure documented in 
the manual, please leave the ws hostname as it is (auto-mac-xx- ...), 
and maybe restart the isc-dhcp-server (just to be sure). At least this 
worked for me after testing once again a pxe installed ws in a 
virtualbox environment.


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