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Re: Squid proxy thoughts

[Helge Tore Høyland]
> Hi.
> Wolfgang was spot on the issue. You have to comment away the settings in 
> /etc/environment, adjust the ones for kde and then use the wpad.dat as 
> needed. I used Petter's sugestion to just use DIRECT as reply, and it 
> worked.

Very glad to hear that you got it working.  But there are a few loose
ends that confuse me.

The /etc/environment setting should be updated automatically by
dhclient.  Why did you have to update it manually?  Perhaps a boot will
trigger the update, if waiting for the next DHCP renewal isn't an

The KDE setting should be use wpad already, so why did you need to
adjust it?

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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