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Re: Squid proxy thoughts


Sorry for the deleay.
I tried the wpad.dat file you provided under. But it didnt work.
As mentioned before im not using iceweasel but firefox.
As far as i have read on the topic, it seems different browsers go about this in a bit different ways,
so its realy hard to have one setup covering all of them.
It dit not work with chromium either. I checked both of the them for the setting they have, and it says "Use Systems settings" for firefox and "http://wpad/wpad.dat"; for chromium. Konqueror on the other hand picked up the change and uses my gateways proxy. But gateway shows both tjener.interns ip and clients ip when i use that.

Helge Tore Høyland

Den 07.05.2015 05:39, Petter Reinholdtsen skreiv:
[Helge Tore Høyland]
I have asked in the irc channel on this, and got the answeer to use
wpad-file to stear clients to my pfSense box as proxy rather than
tjener. Ive tried to set this up on tjener and on the ltsp equivalent to
no use. All clients are still locked to tjener as proxy.
What did you put in /etc/debian-edu/www/wpad.dat?  I would expect this
to work if you have a transparent proxy in place:

   function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
         return "DIRECT";

If it didn't, I am eager to understand why, as this should be used by
all clients.

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