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Bug#779644: debian-edu: package pxelinux is missing after upgrade from wheezy


On Mittwoch, 11. März 2015, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Not with the result of blends-devs own process to create the d/control
> file.  For sure you can hack the d/control file afterwards but I'd be
> really careful and would prominently document this to make sure any
> later regeneration will need to do this if the Depends is really
> important.  May be you change the target in the main Makefile to add
> a patch / do some sed scripting after creating the dependencies.

I think I'd be more in favor of dropping blends-dev completly then... but 
certainly not now :)

If the meta package framework cannot express dependencies properly, I really 
dont see the point in using it. Sorry.


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