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Bug#779644: debian-edu: package pxelinux is missing after upgrade from wheezy


On Mittwoch, 11. März 2015, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Blends-dev has never behaved that Depends in the tasks file ended up in
> a Depends in debian/contol.  This was even the case before blends-dev
> existed and the behaviour was taken over to stay compatible.  I was
> never fully happy about this but it is the documented and intended
> behaviour that metapackages do not have hard dependencies.  If I
> remember correctly this is policy also for non-blends-dev generated
> packages in "Section: metapackage".  The only thing is that it is
> confusing to type "Depends" in the tasks file and not ending up as
> "Depends".  It is on my very long term todo list to deprecate "Depends"
> in the tasks files and use "Recommends" instead to avoid this.

long story short, so we cannot have those as depends?


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