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jessie live images


I've started on working on creating Debian Edu Jessie based live images, using 
live-build from jessie. This has been a rather pleasant process, and I 
successfull made some .isos.

Currently I'm wondering what kind of image to create and if we want several. 
For squeeze, we only had a standalone image using the default KDE desktop.

Now, we have several desktops, and for testing I created

- xfce standalone (2.7gb, worked nicely)
- gnome standalone (3.3gb, xorg didnt start)
- mate (2.7gb, xorg started but not desktop environment)

edu_jessie_standalone_apt/10/ shows mate, /9 is gnoem and /8 is xfce...

the relevant code to build the image is:
lb config --distribution jessie --bootappend-live "boot=live config 
hostname=debian-edu username=debian-edu"
echo education-standalone >> config/package-lists/live.list.chroot
echo education-desktop-(xfce|gnome|mate) >> config/package-
echo education-laptop >> config/package-lists/live.list.chroot
sudo lb build

using education-desktop-other also resulted in failure similar to education-
desktop-gnome, I havend tried lxde & sugar.

Right now I'm tempted to just start with one image: xfce-standalone.

And then I wonder, what "Features: The KDE desktop profile for 
students/pupils. " on 
https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Jessie/AppendixB means 

More feedback, comments, questions & suggestions welcome...

P.S.: currently these are test images for doing QA only. But it's rather 
trivial to build them elsewhere and release them for real usage! :-)

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